10/30/2019- Representatives from Tyco are firing back following a Notice of Noncompliance issued to the company by the Wisconsin DNR. The DNR sent the letter to Johnson Controls and its subsidiary Tyco last week, informing them a site investigation work plan to address fields associated with the land spreading of PFAS-contaminated biosolids from Marinette’s Wastewater Treatment Plan was past due as of September 3rd. However, the company responded stating while lines into the treatment plant from five wastewater zones in the City tested positive for the presence of PFAS, Tyco only has access to three of those, and they believe the DNR is skirting their obligation to determine what the other potential sources of the compounds may be. Tyco reps say they have offered to meet with the DNR and outside consultants to develop a work plan for appropriate activities to assess fields where biosolids were applied, but those meetings have yet to take place. The DNR has now requested an SI work plan by November 15th before they will implement their own work plan and evaluate further environmental enforcement actions and cost recovery efforts against Tyco.