If there’s one thing the US military tries to teach young recruits, it’s how to adapt and overcome, and they’re in the middle of a living example of that now. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, recruiting efforts locally and nationwide have gone entirely digital. Staff Sergeant Ronald Wheat is the Station Commander at the Marinette Army Recruiting Station and he says while they had already been working to increase their presence on social media to better connect with students and future soldiers, it’s more important now than ever when no one is able to say just how long these necessary isolation practices might last.
And while many people might get a little lax with their fitness routines during this time, SGT Wheat says recruiters at the Marinette station have even found a way to keep potential recruits in good physical condition while maintaining their distance.
The Marinette Army Recruiting Station recruits around 40 news soldiers annually. In addition to their station Facebook page, people can also connect with them via their new Esports page, Appleton Company E-Sports.