The Navy will commission the Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship on September 16th in Menominee. The future USS MARINETTE (LCS-25), named for the hometown for which it was made, is one of the last Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ships that the navy will commission. USS Marinette Commander Shane Brewer gives an update of what he and the crew have been up to.

Brewer says, “two weeks or so, before we move the ship over to our commissioning site in Menominee at KKIL and everything is being put together nicely. I think the committee has worked hard and we’re all just ecstatic that we get to man a ship as part of a ceremony, which is kind of unusual for the area.”

Attendance to the USS Marinette (LCS-25) Commissioning Ceremony is permitted by ticket only. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your tickets, visit