10/13/2020- Efforts continue to determine the competency of the 83-year-old man accused of murdering an engaged couple in northern Marinette County more than 40 years ago. After going through court-mandated treatment at Mendota Mental Health to restore his competency, defendant Raymand Vannieuwenhoven is said to have experienced a medical event initially classified as a stroke, prompting a request by the defense that another competency evaluation be performed. However, as explained at a hearing held Monday, that evaluation has yet to be completed at Mendota because of COVID-19 restrictions and, furthermore, as Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kevin Miller says, though it’s since been ruled Vannieuwenhoven did not actually have a stroke, there’s no definitive explanation of what happened and there’s concern Vannieuwenhoven has yet to be formally evaluated by a neurologist.

Dr. Miller did state that he believed it would actually be more beneficial for him to perform the competency evaluation at the Marinette County Jail where Vannieuwenhoven will be housed if or when the matter goes to trial.

Vannieuwenhoven is believed to have shot and killed Ellen Matheys and David Schuldes in McClintock Park back in 1976. Judge Jim Morrison has ordered his competency evaluation be completed this week at the Marinette County Jail and a competency hearing has now been scheduled for November 4th.