04/16/2019- Authorities in Brown County are seeking the public’s help in gathering more information about a pair of 1957 physical assaults by the same man also suspected in the 1976 murder of an engaged couple in Marinette County. The Sheriff’s Department issued a press release last week asking to hear from the victims, their families, or witnesses of the attacks of two girls, one in Suamico and one in Howard, in November of 1957. 83-year-old Raymand Vannieuwenhoven, who went by the first name Lawrence at the time, was convicted of battery for the attacks and served six months in jail. Records relating to the incidents were destroyed more than 40 years ago after reaching their statutorily defined retention period and officials have not said why they’re looking into the cases again. Vannieuwenhoven was arrested and charged last month for the 1976 shooting deaths of Ellen Matheys and David Schuldes in McClintock Park in the town of Silver Cliff. Matheys was sexually assaulted before she was killed and DNA evidence from that assault linked Vannieuwenhoven to the murders more than six decades later.