09/22/2020- The suspect in a Marinette County double homicide will appear in court next month to determine if he’s mentally fit to stand trial. 83-year-old Raymand Vannieuwenhoven is accused of shooting David Schuldes and Ellen Matheys in McClintock Park in 1976. New technology and DNA evidence led to Vannieuwenhoven’s arrest in 2019, but he was ordered to undergo treatment to restore his competency earlier this year after it was determined he could not, at the time, aid in his own defense because he suffered from paranoid preoccupations and other deficits as the residual effects of a stroke. A competency report determined Vannieuwenhoven is competent, and court records show that at a status conference Monday, Vannieuwenhoven agreed with that assessment, but his attorney has asked for a second opinion. Judge Jim Morrison has ordered Vannieuwenhoven undergo another competency exam, the results of which will be reviewed at a competency hearing October 12th.