11/2019- Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Marinette to visit Fincantieri Marinette Marine, making up a scheduled visit that was cancelled at the last minute October 23rd. This time Pence will be flying his 757 Air Force Two jet into Green Bay. Menominee Regional Airport Lead Operations Technician Jeff LaFleur said consideration was given to landing the big jet in Menominee, but after consulting with the airport’s engineer, it was determined that the local airport could not service that large a plane, even though the runway could handle the plane’s weight.
“We can’t turn it around. It needs a 120-foot turning radius when you lock one wheel, and our runways are 100-feet wide. Then we went into multiple stairs, this and that…we just elected, on the side of safety, to not service the 757. Our airport’s not built for that.”
If the Vice President had chosen to fly in with two smaller Gulfstream Jets, the airport could easily have accommodated those planes. LaFleur says there is an up-side with not having to deal with the 757.  The airport will be able to sell fuel to Navy and other jets that fly in for the Pence visit, something that would not have been possible if the large plane was on the tarmac.