11/21/2019- It was a visit of presidential proportion yesterday. Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Fincantieri Marinette Marine where he took a tour of a littoral combat ship and then, standing before the bow of the future USS Marinette, spoke to shipbuilders in her namesake city about the importance of their role in growing America’s economy and sustaining national defense. Pence says opportunities in manufacturing in the US are plentiful, but a critical component to maintaining that is ensuring students are getting connected with they type of education and skills training they’ll need in the workplace. FMM recently signed the Pledge to America’s Workers, committing to offering 3000 training and apprenticeship opportunities and Pence applauded them and the more than 370 other companies across the US doing the same.
“Our high schools got out of the business of offering educational training for every American on every pathway and that’s why this President has taken decisive action to make vocational education and job training more accessible than ever before. And last year we launched, with the help of this company, something called the ‘Pledge to America’s Workers’ to encourage businesses in every field to expand opportunities for training to American workers.”
Pence also pushed for support of the yet-to-be-ratified US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. He says replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement with the USMCA will level the playing field for American workers and add billions to the economy.
“This Mexico-Canada agreement that we negotiated a year ago is going to add about $70-billion to our economy and create more than 175000 jobs. When it becomes law, we predict that American manufacturing workers are going to get another raise as wages will continue to increase as exports expand. In fact, for Wisconsin, if the USMCA becomes law, the United States would increase its exports of milk and cheese by 68000 tons. So, we need to get this done.”
Pence was joined Wednesday by Congressman Mike Gallagher and Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia. While in Marinette, the Vice President also visited Mickey Lu’s for lunch and made a brief stop at Garfield Elementary to meet with some students who had gathered outside to greet his motorcade.