09/11/2019- If the City of Menominee wants to stay with a bag pickup system for garbage, they will need to change vendors. City manager Tony Graff told the City’s Public Safety/Public Works committee that Waste Management, the city’s current provider, submitted a bid for only the cart system, where customers put their garbage into 64-gallon carts which are dumped into the truck using a mechanical arm. The other bid received is from Great American Disposal, which bid on both bag and cart pickup. Both bids also include an option for curbside recycling. The cart system, which has been proposed a number of times in the past, is unpopular with some residents who believe they would have difficulty getting the carts to the curbside, especially in winter weather. Graff says both bidders say they would be able to provide special service to residents found to have a hardship with the cart system. Graff says it will take him some time to analyze the bids, and the committee will meet again in the next couple of weeks when they have some numbers to look at.