Since 1999, the nation has experienced a trend of increasing drug overdose deaths. That trend does include the City of Marinette; but just like the rest of the Country, first they must begin dealing with an incline of drug problems, drug crimes, and property crimes. Marinette Police Sergeant Derek Maye says, “our incident numbers have gone up from 11,794 to 12,937 in just one year. Our drug complaints have gone from last year 180 to 322 this year. That’s a pretty good hike.”

Maye says, “what we’re locating, is definitely an indication that Marinette is becoming an independent source city for drugs.”

Since Sergeant Maye is a DEA Task Force Agent the federal system will help with seizing assets that are bought and paid for through drug proceeds, along with reimbursements to the Marinette Police Department. They also work with their neighboring agencies. Internally, the Marinette PD has created the D.A.R.T. Team – Drug, Abuse, Response, Team which has other officers do drug investigation on a part-time basis.