10/17/2019- You see it just about everywhere these days: “#myMarinetteMenominee” popping up across town on tee shirts, banners and decals. It’s been a buzz phrase in our area for about a year, but now organizers of the movement are looking to put a little more meaning behind the hashtag. A community meeting next Tuesday will take a closer look at how residents and business owners alike can identify and amplify our unique community image. Kim Brooks is one of the founding members of the myMarinetteMenominee organization and says community branding creates a focused approach toward positively impacting the economic vitality of the region.
“What we’re hoping to do is change the conversation. We want to talk about what we could do if we all focused on one effort. Community branding would be options and directions that we can move forward together, potentially solutions that we haven’t already thought of. We have our eyes focused on quality of life issues in our community and see this as the next best tool to solve those problems.”
While the myMarinetteMenominee movement started as a bid to win a spot on a reality tv series, that spirit has held on since. However, Brooks says there’s a critical gap between talking about who we are as a community and intentionally leveraging those assets for growth.
“It’s a four-season paradise. It is natural assets that anyone anywhere would be grateful to have. We have so many things going for us, but we do need to learn to use those better… I’d like people to start thinking about, when they hear “myMarinetteMenominee,” that meaning Marinette County and Menominee County because we need each other. We need all of the region to really take steps forward and that’s where our strengths will lie.”
The community meeting on October 22nd features presenters from North Star- a national organization well-versed in branding and marketing for the purpose of economic development. It takes place in the auditorium of New Life Church in Peshtigo. Doors open at 5:00 and there’s no pre-registration required to attend.