A reminder from the City of Marinette that all WINTER GRAVE DECORATIONS must be removed from grave sites within Forest Home, Woodlawn, Congregation Montifiore, Sons of Jacob and Pine Grove Cemeteries prior to Friday March 30, 2018 (Weather Permitting).  Cemetery grounds maintenance staff shall dispose of all decorations left on graves starting on that date, or, as soon as snow/ice melting allows.

After the conclusion of spring cleanup activities which includes all winter burial-site restoration work, the City will make a public notice announcement establishing the date when summer decorations may be placed on grave sites prior to Memorial Day. Cemetery grounds maintenance staff shall dispose of any summer decorations set upon graves prior to that time.

Decorations are prohibited at anytime within Forest Home Mausoleum without prior permission of Mausoleum attendant.

The City of Marinette is not responsible and/or liable for any memorial items placed by grave sites within City of Marinette Cemeteries.