The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has referred Johnson Controls International to the state Department of Justice for possible Civil Action for allegedly failing to report the release of hazardous materials at their Fire Test Field in Marinette. In a May 30th letter, the DNR alleges that Tyco Fire Protection, now a part of Johnson Controls, detected PFAS’s on their property in 2013, but did not report the presence of the chemicals, used in their firefighting foams, at that time, as required by law.  In a statement, Johnson Controls said they believe reporting was not required at that time since the chemicals were only detected on their own property. In November of 2017, the company discovered the PFAS had spread into ground water beyond it’s property and reported to the DNR at that time.  Since then, the company has been working with the DNR to develop a monitoring and cleanup plan which has included providing bottled water to owners of affected wells in the Town of Peshtigo and construction of filtering facilities in ditches between the test field and the bay.