09/26/2018- Events have been taking place across Wisconsin this week to increase the public’s awareness of safe practices at railroad crossings and around tracks. It’s all part of Governor Scott Walker’s declaration of Rail Safety Week in the state, which runs through Saturday. Officials say while the number of crashes at railroad crossings in 2017 fell from 2016, the number of injuries and deaths from the crashes rose. In total, 42 railroad crashes were reported throughout Wisconsin last year, four of which occurred in Marinette. With 185 railroad crossings, Marinette County is on the list of the top ten counties with the highest number of crossings. The Wisconsin DOT is reminding people that the only safe place for pedestrians and vehicles to cross a railroad track is at the designated public crossing and they add that trains overhang the track by at least three feet on either side, so those in the right of way next to the track risk being hit by a passing train. Lastly, because today’s trains are quieter than ever, people are urged to remain alert around tracks and limit distractions like texting or wearing headphones to minimize their chance of being involved in a crash.