02/18/2020- A report by the Wisconsin DOT shows there are more than 1200 car crashes on Marinette County roadways each year. Randy Wiessinger with the Department’s Bureau of Transportation Safety presented the information to the County’s Traffic Safety Commission last week. 25% of crash injuries and fatalities in the county are attributed to alcohol and drug-impaired driving, another 20% are due to distracted driving, and about 27% involved speed as a contributing factor. Wiessinger says, when it comes down to it, a safer commute begins and ends with driver choices.
Wiessinger also says teens and older drivers make up 28% of the drivers involved in fatal or injury crashes in the county, with many of those occurring in Crivitz and at major intersections in the City of Marinette. There were 7 fatalities officially recorded as traffic deaths in 2019. The report lists November as the month with the highest number of overall crashes in Marinette County, but July as being the month with the greatest number of injuries and fatalities on the road.