08/12/2019- Yesterday was 811 Day, and Wisconsin Public Service is using this time to remind people to call 811 at least three days before they start a digging project. This Diggers Hotline is a free statewide notification service that allows WPS and other utility operators to mark the location of underground facilities, such as electric cables and natural gas lines. WPS spokesman Matt Cullen says by having utility lines marked, homeowners can keep digging sites safe and prevent injury and avoid an interruption in energy service or costly repairs.
“This is for any sort of project that involves digging, no matter how deep or shallow that digging is going to be.”
And, even if you have multiple projects planned in one season, Cullen say it’s a good idea to have utility lines re-marked before you begin each one.
“There is the chance that those underground utilities may have shifted since the last time that you performed a digging project or the last time that they were marked, so, before any sort of digging project, it’s always a good idea to call 811. That gives you a good indication of where they are.”
Last year WPS received more than 133,000 requests to mark its underground utilities. National studies show you have a 99% change of avoiding underground utilities when you call 811 before digging.