Some much-needed repairs could soon be coming to Marinette’s Forest Home Mausoleum. Monday the Board of Public Works considered requests to waive the bid process to replace the facility’s roof and accept a proposal from Northern Home Improvement to complete the project at a cost just under $48000. The roof was patched over the winter when last year’s emergency resolution to waive the bid process and replace the roof failed. But, Finance Director Jackie Miller says the repair work was no match to April’s blizzard and this summer’s heavy rains and the interior of the building has now suffered damage, as well.
Board member Ken Keller says he agrees the work needs to be done, but he feels it should have been put out for bid when the last emergency resolution failed.
The Board of Public Works ultimately forwarded both the emergency resolution and the proposal for the work on to Common Council who approved it, as well. Council also approved a capital outlay request for additional $5000 to cover the cost of last year’s roof patch, which had been taken out of the roof replacement budget.